Meet the newest ambassadors and lead co-organizer joining the Art+Feminism team in 2019!

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We are so excited to introduce you to our expanded team: 1 new lead co-organizer in Peru and 13 Regional Ambassadors all over the world, from Arizona to Ghana to Taiwan. Each of these organizers brings experience in Wikipedia editing, social justice-oriented work, arts administration, and community organizing to their new role. We’re so inspired by their work, already! Please take a moment to read their biographies below.

Lead Co-Organizer Melissa Tamani Becerra, Lima, Peru

Melissa Tamani Becerra (Lima, 1991) is an art historian, cultural manager, and museum educator. The axes of her work are the empowerment of marginalized communities, the promotion of culture as a catalyst for social mobilization and the dissemination of the cultural production of Latin American women. She has been part of Art+Feminism since 2015, initially as organizer of Art+Feminism editathons in Lima (5 to date) and, since 2017, as Regional Ambassador in Latin America, a position in which she had the opportunity to contribute to the expansion of Art+Feminism editathons throughout the region. As co-leader organizer of Art+Feminism she hopes to consolidate the growth of the campaign in the global south through the creation of new leaders belonging to underrepresented communities within the Wikimedia movement, on and offline. She is currently working as Assistant of the Educational Program of the cultural center focused on contemporary art and digital culture Espacio Fundación Telefónica in Lima. She is also a promoter of Wikimedia culture in Peru, organizing and taking part in campaigns and editathons about feminism, human rights, and ecology.

Walaa Abdel Anaem Ruby Mizrahi CC 3.0 license

Regional Ambassador Walaa Abdel Manaem, Egypt

Walaa Abdel Manaem, Assistant Lecturer at Cairo University; Admin and editor on Arabic Wikipedia; Co- founder of Egypt Wikimedians User Group; Organizer of Inter WikiWomen Collaboration for Arab World (2018); Organizer of Art+Feminism contest for Arab World (2018); Co-Organizer of WikiGap/Cairo (2018); Co-organizer of WikiAarabia Egypt (2017), Organizer of WikiWomen Prize (2015-2016); Wikipedia Education Program Leader (WEP) at Cairo, Al-Azhar, Aswan Minya, South Valley, Mansoura, Kafr El Sheikh,Tanta, Damietta, Zagazig, Alexandria, Suez Canal & Ain Shams Universities for more than 6 years and active member of Wikipedia Education Collaborative (Collab), known now as Wikipedia & Education User Group, as one of the few program leaders who mentor other programs around the world. I’m part of the Movement Strategy Working Group for Diversity. I’m mentioned in the Faces from the Wikimedia Movement.

Regional Ambassador Dominique Eliane, Ivory Coast

With a degree in Communications, I am passionate about ICT, media and journalism, and all having to do with Wikipedia. I joined the Wikimedia Ivory Coast community in 2014. Since then, I have been an active member of the User Group as an auditor in the executive office and the head of some projects including the Wiki Loves Women project run between 2016 and 2017. Since 2017, I’ve been the head of the Wikimousso pole, a group dedicated to the engagement of women in my community and whose goal is to reduce the gender gap through the production of content on Ivorian women. Working with the A + F team is an opportunity that will allow me to continue in the same vein with even more content on women in the field of art, through the organization of workshops, edit-athons, and other activities.

Regional Ambassador Amanda Meeks, Arizona

Amanda Meeks is a Teaching, Learning, and Research Services Librarian in Arizona, an artist, and a feminist. Through working with Art+Feminism, she is looking forward to pushing herself, and her profession, to intentionally reflect on power, privilege, intersecting identities and implicit biases that shape our collective knowledge, via Wikipedia. She’s excited to bring fellow community members and regional information activists together and work through an intersectional lens to amplify underrepresented, radical and marginalized voices within the arts.

Regional Ambassador Juliana Monteiro, São Paulo, Brazil

I am a freelancer museologist and a teacher of Museology at a public technical school in São Paulo, Brazil, where I live. I have been working with museums for 10 years, mostly with collection management projects. I took my first steps in the open access and Wikimedia world in 2016, during a GLAM Wiki project realised by Museu da Imigração de São Paulo [Immigration Museum of São Paulo], where I used to work. After that, I became more and more engaged in advocating in favour of Wikimedia projects within Brazilian GLAM sector. As women are the majority of Brazilian GLAM professionals, it was a natural move for me to start participating in actions focused on reducing the gender gap that we have in this area. What I hope to accomplish in 2019 with Art+Feminism is to help increase the number of female editors in Wikimedia projects. And I also expect to help to build a safe environment for all the women that want to start editing or just want to know more about Art + Feminism is. Last, I really want to learn a lot about all the participants that I have the chance to meet in person or online.

Regional Ambassador Linden How, Portland, OR

Linden How is a visual artist and art librarian in Portland, OR. She loves supporting art students and practitioners in expanding and defining the unique ways they research and contribute their voices to various discourses. She’s a huge believer in working to address the lack of representation of women, LGBTQ+, and POC artists, histories, and narratives on Wikipedia and elsewhere, so that they are made visible and available to emerging artists and designers as they shape their awareness of art, its roles in the world, and their approaches to their own practices. It’s for these reasons that she’s very honored to join the Art+Feminism team as a Regional Ambassador this year.

Regional Ambassador Jessie Mi, Taiwan

My name is Jessie, I am the first Wikiwomen organizer in Taiwan. I joined the Art+Feminism project as an editor three years ago and I hope that every East Asian country can join this project~^^

Regional Ambassador Taryn Tomasello, Portland, Oregon

Regional Ambassador Taryn Tomasello is an artist, organizer, curator, and mother based in Portland, Oregon. She describes the relationship between the various roles she takes on as a nested practice, where the work of curator and organizer can be found nestled inside the work of motherhood and artist, or vice versa. For the past 3 years she has organized Art + Feminism node events in the Portland area.

Regional Ambassador Medhavi Gandhi, Chandigarh, India

“An award-winning cultural practitioner, Medhavi has been widely recognised for her innovative approach to public engagement with Indian art, especially the youth. She has led several arts-based programs, and curated inter-country artist exchanges at Happy Hands Foundation before starting up where she brings together her love for museums, and arts-education, providing a platform for educators, parents and travellers to explore India’s heritage, art, history & museums.”
Here’s what I hope to achieve for Art+Feminism this year:
Leading Art+Feminism events in India with museums has been such an enriching experience so far. Going ahead, I’d definitely like to increase training opportunities for museums so they are able to host and organise events independently. At all museums that we hosted the event, there are staff members who learnt to edit Wikipedia and I look forward to support and build capacity of editors – at least within the arts community! I’ve been able to connect with Punjabi, Marathi and Bengali Wikipedia, and would like to extend partnerships with them to locally host Art+Feminism events. Last year, Marathi Wikipedia expressed interest and am sure we’d be able to similarly engage with other regional Wiki chapters to further the scope of A+F in India.

Regional Ambssador Amber Berson, Canada

Amber Berson is a writer, curator, and PhD candidate conducting doctoral research at Queen’s University on artist-run culture and feminist, utopian thinking. She most recently curated Utopia as Method (2018); World Cup! (2018); The Let Down Reflex (2016-2018, with Juliana Driever); TrailMix (2014, with Eliane Ellbogen); *~._.:*JENNIFER X JENNIFER*:.~ (2013, with Eliane Ellbogen); The Annual Art Administrator’s Relay Race (2013, with Nicole Burisch); The Wild Bush Residency (2012–14); and was the 2016 curator-in-residence as part of the France-Quebec Cross-Residencies at Astérides in Marseille, France. She is the Canadian ambassador for the Art+Feminism Wikipedia project. Her writing has been published in Breach Magazine, Canadian Art, C Magazine, Revue .dpi, Esse, Fuse Magazine, Le Merle and the St Andrews Journal of Art History and Museum Studies amongst others.

Regional Ambassador Daniela Brugger, Switzerland

Daniela Brugger is an artist based in Switzerland and started with the collaborative writing project Who writes his_tory? in 2016, inspired by Art+Feminism. Since then she organized several Edit-a-thons in collaboration with art and project spaces, art schools, archives and libraries, mainly in the German speaking parts of Europe. Now she’s looking forward to expand her network within the global community and to extend the collective structure.

Regional Ambassador Mohammed Sadat Abdulai, Accra, Ghana

My name is Mohammed. I was born and grew up in Tamale but I now live in Accra, the capital city of Ghana. I’m a longtime Wikipedia editor who goes by the username Masssly. I’m passionate about open knowledge and so I’m really proud of what we do on Wikipedia to make information freely and easily accessible to everyone.
I’m involved a variety of groups and volunteer causes that directly serve the Wikimedia community including the Wikimedia Board Election Committee, Wikimedia Research Newsletter and the Wikimedia Foundation Volunteer Response Team. Among my major interests on the encyclopedia is finding solutions to reducing Wikipedia’s gender gap problem. I’ve engaged in many gender-based outreach activities in West Africa, and in 2014 I was the lead researcher for the Wikidata Human Gender Indicators project that developed and automated the production and graphing of statistics about gender diversity in Wikipedia projects in a publicly viewable website with open-data downloads. I’m also generally interested in the topic of non-participation from the Global South and recruitment of new Wikipedia contributors.
In my free time, when I’m not working on gender gap or researching non-participation on Wikipedia, you would most likely find me trying out new recipes to prepare kelewele, a delicacy that I find hard to resist every time.

Regional Ambassador Stacey Allan, Los Angeles, California

Stacey Allan is a Los Angeles–based writer, editor, and art book publisher. She is cofounder of East of Borneo, an online magazine of West Coast contemporary art and its history, and ambassador to Art + Feminism since 2014.

image credit: Mahala Nuuk

Regional Ambassador Marta Delatte, Barcelona, Spain

Marta Delatte (1982) is an Internet researcher, journalist and maker. Graduated in Journalism (URL), she continued her education with a PgDip in Cultural Management (URL), and later on, with a Masters Degree in Music as Interdisciplinary Art (UB). She is currently completing her PhD in Digital Memory at the University of Hull as a member of the Media and Memory Research Initiative, a centre of excellence for research on the collection, preservation, interpretation, and dissemination of mediated memories, especially those that may be vulnerable due to institutional neglect or association with emerging areas of interest. She is also a contributing writer for VICE, The Creators Projects and Broadly en Español and her film essays and multimedia artwork, mainly based on found-footage narrative, has been shown in Barcelona, Madrid, Wien, New York, Sarajevo and Hanoi.

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