We’re looking for individuals and institutions interested in volunteering to host events where they live or work.

In 2014, we started planning an edit-a-thon to add content on art and feminism to Wikipedia. We thought it would be a one-time thing and that we’d have to guilt ten of our friends into attending. We had no idea that this project would still be going six years later. And you are the reason this project has flourished: because every year you show up. From small gatherings at coffee shops to hundreds of folks at the largest cultural institutions in the world, you show up to help improve one of the most visited websites on the internet and the largest general reference work to date.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never organized an event or edited Wikipedia before. We’ve got an organizer’s kit, training materials, funding for snacks and childcare, as well as advice and support each step of the way. #WeGotThis